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Sebastian you magnificent furry bastard, you ship them too. xD  (Betty and Veronica 271)

Melody was applying Alexandra’s make-up?  LOL.  I’m going to have to order this with my Batwoman comics now.  It may be insane, but maybe Parent is giving a nod to my shipping because of the comic.  I’ve gotten references to stuff I did in Totally Spies now, so maybe this will be the next impact my fandom will have.  XD

Monster’s Ball World Title Match on free tv! This is the reign of Eric. XD

I’m sure somewhere WWE IWC jerks are complaining it’s dumb to give away good main event wrestling when you aren’t forced to remortage your house to pay for it.  And yes, like Dixie said, she invented the beard.  Please stop stealing her intellectual property, WWE.

wisnia asked:

Your post makes me think of the Wreck-it Ralph fanbase nonsense I've had to see. While Vanellope isn't exactly the main character, there are Turbo/King Candy sympathizers that call her misogynist slurs and scream about how she's the TRUE villain because she's a brat and bully for her smart-mouth, and that she deserved to be bullied and hated by all the other racers. And then there are those that bash Ralph, main character himself, for being her accomplice in "murdering" Turbo.




D: Jeez, what the hell. I’ve never seen the movie, but villain stans who bash heroes in general are annoying as fuck.

Are you using hip hop slang, Sara?  LOL.

Stans is hip hop? :o I always knew it as a fandom slang, lol.

Yes.  It refers to the song Stan by Eminem.  It means an obsessed, over emotional fan, possibly insane.  This is the first time I’ve heard it outside of a hip hop context.  XD


Alielle’s Bath by Glee-chan

I was on Tumblr and a friend of mine was posting a series of lesbian anime girl pictures.  It got me to think of my first exposure to lesbianism in media.  The very first character I saw that was like me on screen was Alielle from El-Hazard.  The sad thing is there is not a lot of good artwork of her, not even from ME!  (I have drawn her before, but not very well)  

El-Hazard is one of the big things in my life the represented a turning point.  It introduced me to true anime (not Sailor Moon’s DiC dub that I had previously seen) and I was exposed to Alielle at the EXACT time I was coming to terms of my sexuality.  SO it’s so odd that I’ve not done a decent picture of Alielle yet… I thought I’d change that.  

Alielle Relryle by Glee-chan  Alielle Smiling by Glee-chan

Alielle Relryle is a character from El-Hazard: The Magnificent World directed by Hiroki Hayashi.  The pose is from a screenshot of the anime series To Love-Ru.

Gee, I wonder who was posting those pictures.  XD  Fantastic, work Glee-Chan!  Love the pic.  The sad thing is I still haven’t watched El Hazard! 

I think the first out of the closet lesbian character I remember watching is from another AIC series, Battle Athletes Victory, which probably shares a lot of the same production staff.  Highly recommended!  Although, I picked up on subtext before that, probably going back to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in 1992 when I was 9 or something.  LOL.

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